Nature’s perfect living salt
from the mineral and trace element rich
Sea of Cortez
seasonally produced and harvested

Living Salt

Baja Gold Sea Salt is produced from the mineral-rich Sea of Cortez and is naturally dehydrated by the sun.  It does not come from deposits found in ancient sea beds nor is it created from super saline “dead seas”.

High Minerals and Trace Elements

Sea of Cortez water contains 90 minerals and trace elements typically found in seawater plus more than 50,000 natural organic compounds.

Minimally Processed

Our salt is harvested by Baja natives who use proven traditional salt-making methods inherited over many generations, guaranteeing its superior quality. Baja Gold is never artificially heated, refined, milled or processed.

Complex Flavor

Naturally low sodium and high minerals and trace elements content give Baja Gold a more distinct and complex flavor than many other common sea and earth salts (processed sodium chloride).


Salt is critical to our health and is the most readily available nonmetallic mineral in the world.

Our bodies are not designed to process refined sodium chloride which has no nutritional value.

Salt has always been a part of the human diet. What has changed is the mineral content in our food.

Compare us to other sea salts


Baja Gold contains more minerals and trace elements.

Magnesium (Mg)

  • Baja Gold - 14,400 ppm
  • Celtic Sea Salt - 4,410 ppm
  • Redmond Real Salt - 937 ppm
  • Himalayan Pink Salt - .16 ppm

Potassium (K)

  • Baja Gold - 10,300 ppm
  • Celtic Sea Salt - 2,270 ppm
  • Redmond Real Salt - 1980 ppm
  • Himalayan Pink Salt - 3.5 ppm

Calcium (Ca)

  • Baja Gold - 7,680 ppm
  • Celtic Sea Salt - 1280 ppm
  • Redmond Real Salt - 4180 ppm
  • Himalayan Pink Salt - 4 ppm

Boron (B)

  • Baja Gold - 34 ppm
  • Celtic Sea Salt - 8.2 ppm
  • Redmond Real Salt - 2.05 ppm
  • Himalayan Pink Salt - <.001 ppm

Baja Gold contains less salt and sodium.

Salt (NaCl)

  • Baja Gold 71%
  • Celtic Sea Salt 84%
  • Redmond Real Salt 97%
  • Himalayan Pink Salt 97%

Sodium (Na)

  • Baja Gold 28%
  • Celtic Sea Salt 33%
  • Redmond Real Salt 38%
  • Himalayan Pink Salt 38%

Salt (NaCl) = % Sodium (Na) X 2.54
Celtic Sea Salt Analysis Provided Courtesy of "Salt Your Way To Health" David Brownstein M.D. | Baja Gold Analysis Provided by Midwest labs and University of Georgia | Himalayan Pink Salt Analysis provided by Salt
Baja Gold Competitive Analysis (PDF)   Which Salt has more minerals (PDF)


All Natural Unrefined Kosher Sea Salt

for the Table

Rich in minerals, trace elements, and taste. SEE MORE

Ionic Trace Mineral Solution

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We are head over heels for Baja Gold and wanted to tell you about it. It makes tummies super happy (our cows too!). You can drop Baja Gold in a glass of water, brine with it, cook with it and garnish any dish you like. And it tastes amazing!

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Charles Mayfield

Athens, TN, Paleo Comfort Foods, Mayfield Pastures

I LOVE Baja Gold! I make and drink Solé twice a week and I use it in all the food I cook. It tastes much better than regular table salt or even kosher salt. Besides the great taste, I can feel a positive difference in my health.
Thanks Baja Gold!

Geoff W.

Atlanta, GA

SeaAgri’s Baja Gold is by far the best tasting sea salt on the market. I truly believe my body is screaming for those extra naturally occurring essential elements found in your product. Even my next favorite sea salt (Celtic) does not offer the same delicate taste combined with what must be the power of those minerals. As a Certified Health Coach, I will be recommending Baja Gold to all my clients.

Jolie M.

Reisterstown, MD

I like Baja Gold salt; I put it in my drinking water and morning smoothies – it tastes better than the pink Himalayan we used in the past.

James A.

Milwaukee, OR