Minerals for the Genetic Code by Charles Walters


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An exposition and analysis of Dr. Olree’s standard genetic periodic chart and the physical, chemical and biological connection.

Dr. Richard Olree believes that the key to the biological role of all trace minerals was available to science for decades, but was never acknowledged. Will his Standard Genetic Code Chart prove to be the Rosetta Stone of trace nutrients? Through sequencing the amino acids in the process of constructing proteins, Dr. Olree traced all the elements to their participatory function in the life process.

In this cutting-edge book, the connection is made between the physical, chemical and biological aspects of minerals and subatomic particles in the life process, and assignment is made of the specific mineral that governs each entry in the genetic code. This knowledge, based on peer-reviewed medical literature as well as research by forgotten innovators, suggests an end to the tyranny of pharmaceuticals.